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Bristol City Hall was quite a challenging and rewarding project

Bristol City Hall went through quite a transformation.  The 1960s building was gutted to the original cast-in-place structure and fully renovated the existing 61,513 square foot City Hall inside and out including a new atrium addition and curtain wall façade on one side.  The essential driver of this project was the necessary replacement of the nearly 60-year-old mechanical systems, as well as the transformation to a fully accessible ADA compliant building.  To help accomplish these goals, a chic new 7,158 square foot entrance atrium addition was added on the North Main Street facing side of the structure.  This creates a visually prominent entryway into the building while also addressing accessibility issues.  Bristol is known as “The All-Heart City”, as heart is the engine that drives the community’s success.  With this in mind, the clever design in the entryway carpet includes the “All Heart” logo distinctly displayed. This is town branding at its best!  This completed sustainable facility has increased efficiencies and improved office space for citizens and city staff, improved handicap accessibility and upgraded building aesthetics to serve the citizens of Bristol for many generations to come.

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