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UConn Stem for Educational Projects 2022

STEM Research Center 1 is a 200,000 SF LEED® Gold, three-story academic research building dedicated to the interdisciplinary fields of material science and engineering, and part of a $1.5 billion initiative to transform UConn facilities statewide.  Home to the Institute of Materials Science, Science One will be the centerpiece of the University of Connecticut’s new Northwest Science Quad district, a 22-acre development that transforms a hillside parking lot into a dazzling landscape of green infrastructure.

The project required resilient flooring and carpeting throughout lobbies, hallways, classrooms and laboratories. The flooring installation involved premium installation materials. The flooring specialist faced a very demanding production schedule, while performing the installation during the harsh New England climate in a partially climatized building. The project involved installation of many high-performance floor coverings to meet demands of the active space, requiring the adherence to manufacturers’ ambient conditions specifications during the acclimation period, throughout the entire installation.  Floorcloud™™ real-time, quality management technology platform was used to provide a cloud-based, secure digital vault for important data and graphs to ensure the proper environment would be maintained throughout the project and beyond.  This Science One building is now poised to welcome excited students and researchers in the science, technology, engineering and math fields to campus. 

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