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Commercial Flooring Specialists CT

HIGGINS specializes in a variety of areas including education, healthcare, corporate and hospitality work.

We furnish and install resilient flooring, carpets, ceramic tile, epoxy floors and wood floors. Many customers rely on us for advice on floor preparation, moisture mitigation, and overall floor design. Higgins prides itself on building lasting relationships with our general contractors, facility managers, architects, designers, and end users.

Commercial Flooring Specialists CT
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Commercial Flooring Specialists CT

Healthcare Facilities

Higgins has met and continues to meet the rigorous challenges in healthcare settings for over sixty years. We advise on any moisture issues that may arise and present credible solutions. We expertly install resilient flooring in operating rooms, MRIs, and the like, with heat welded seams to ensure all hygienic needs are met. Higgins’ main focus for the healthcare markets is durability and cleanliness, with special attention given to our clients’ needs.

Commercial Flooring Specialists CT

Educational Institutions

Higgins has been installing a variety of flooring in schools and universities for several decades. Our quality installations in these teaching spaces will enhance learning through several factors: comfort underfoot, enhanced aesthetics, noise reduction, increased air quality, and overall maintenance. In addition, Higgins is able to meet demanding summer schedules in order to be ready for a new school year.

Commercial Flooring Specialists CT

Corporate and retail markets are all about presenting the right image to customers, clients, and employees. The right floor is needed to enhance the image the company is seeking. Higgins provides the flooring expertise needed in these high traffic areas to improve the overall aesthetics and durability of the spaces. 

Corporate / Retail

Commercial Flooring Specialists CT

Public Space / Hospitality

Projects in public spaces can come with their own challenges, such as very little down time allowed. Higgins is able to meet these aggressive schedules through coordination with all parties, with attention to good communication and project management, while maintaining a focus on quality installations.

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