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HIGGINS FLOORING shines in its installation for Yale New Haven Children's Hospital's new Sta

"This spectacular unit was designed to offer family-centered care by providing single patient rooms that offer a more therapeutic environment for infants to thrive and privacy for parents, who can now sleep in their child’s room whenever they wish. The unit also offers couplet care, which allows mothers and their babies to remain together when post-partum care is necessary. Thanks to visionary leaders and charitable friends, the unit also features a Procedure Room where a full range of delicate surgeries can be performed, an onsite Pharmacy staffed 24/7 by neonatal pharmacy specialists, and a Simulation Lab for the ongoing training of staff. Soon the NICU will also offer Neonatal MRI which will provide faster scan times and a safer imaging process for early detection of health issues and rapid intervention when necessary.

On behalf of our YNHH Golf Classic Committee, the Office of Development and everyone at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, thank you for making our NICU possible!" Siri Laurenza, YNHH development

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